Estwing Folding 3-in-1 Angle Flooring Knife

Lock-Back Design

  • Blade Edge Type: Straight
  • Blade Length: 5,72 cm
  • Blade Material: Steel
  • Color: Blue and Yellow
  • Item Height: 2,03 cm
  • Item Length: 17,8 cm
  • Item Weight: 181 gram
  • Item Width: 3,8 cm

Product Description

Designed to aid both the professional and the DIY carpet and flooring installer, this tool from Estwing combines the best features of traditional utility knives with the angled convenience and precision of specialty carpet knives. The patent pending sliding blade chassis allows for more than just different extension lengths, it also allows the blade to angle downward in the carpet knife setting for maximum extension and angle for better corner access and clearance. All this with the operation of a single sliding, position locking button for quick use whether as a box cutter, utility knife, or carpet knife. The ergonomic, dual durometer handle conceals onboard storage for up to 3 replacement blades and has a convenient push button quick change system to allow you to easily eject a dulled blade and replace it with a fresh, sharp one. Includes SK5 hardened steel, round corner carpet blades for convenience.


  • EASY OPERATION – Position lock button allows easy and safe one-handed operation
  • 3-POSITION BLADE – Sliding blade chassis with 3 positions for use as box cutter, utility knife and carpet knife
  • ANGLE CHANGING CHASSIS – Blade chassis angles downward in carpet knife setting for better corner and flooring access
  • QUICK CHANGE BLADE – Push button operated system allows quick blade changes
  • ONBOARD STORAGE – Onboard compartment allows convenient storage of up to 3 replacement blades
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE – Ergonomic dual durometer handle maximizes durability and grip comfort
  • BLADES INCLUDED – SK5 hardened steel round corner carpet blades are included for convenience