Estwing Heavy Duty Nail Hunter Brad, Nail and Staple Remover

Nail Jack

  • Color: Blue and yellow
  • Item Length: 21,5 cm
  • Item Width: 10 cm
  • Item Weight: 460 gram

Product Description

Save costs and re-use wood boards, planks, and panels on home repair, maintenance, and construction projects by easily removing nails, brads, tacks, and staples with the Estwing 21,5 cm Heavy-Duty Nail Hunter. Designed specifically for the purpose of removing embedded nails, brads, and staples from wood with minimal damage, this handy tool features a fulcrum-like head design that gives maximum leverage combined with a large surface to remove fasteners with minimal damage to wood surfaces. The pointed tips can dig into softer wood to remove embedded fasteners and when dealing with harder woods and materials, the base of the head is flattened and reinforced to allow striking with a hammer to chase after sunken fasteners. Gripping teeth at the base of the jaw hold tight to fasteners for slip-free and smooth removal as well as the superior hold needed to pull brads out from the back of finished boards. The handles are offset to provide added leverage during removal as well as give ample clearance for hands and knuckles during use. Spring assisted opening and double dipped handle grips provide added user comfort and help to reduce hand fatigue. Ideal for pallet tear-down, baseboard installation, upholstery recovering, and more. Next time you need to remove nails, brads, and staples, don’t risk an injury or breaking another screwdriver or pair of pliers by prying with them, use a tool made for the task. Use an Estwing.


  • RE-USE MATERIALS – Removes nails, brads, and staples from wood boards of all kinds with minimal damage for cost saving re-use
  • STRIKING HEEL – Tool heel is reinforced and flattened for striking to drive tool tip into hard woods to retrieve sunken nails
  • GRIPPING TEETH – Innermost section of jaw has a series of grooved teeth for extra grip on nails and brads
  • FULCRUM HEAD – Angled fulcrum like head design provides maximum leverage to make removing embedded nails easy
  • OFFSET HANDLE – Offset handle provides both extra clearance for hands as well as additional leverage during nail removal
  • SPRING ASSISTED OPEN – Spring assisted opening to release held fasteners and reduce hand fatigue from repetitive use