Estwing Rock Chisel 7,6 cm Wide with Grip Guard – Long Model

Comfort Grip

  • Color: Blue
  • Item Length: 28 cm
  • Item Width: 7,6 cm
  • Item Weight: 840 gram

Product Description

Slice through tongue and groove wood flooring, lift up floorboards, and more with this Estwing flooring chisel. Built to last from a single piece of drop forged EN9 high carbon steel to provide it with lasting strength and durability, this handy tool has a hardened edge to allow it to cut into wood and drywall building materials faster, all while leaving cleaner cuts. The shaft is painted in Estwing blue to provide increased protection for the tool from rust and corrosion. A large grip guard around the tool shaft provides a comfortable and secure grip while simultaneously protecting your hand from injury due to missed strikes. The hexagonal shaft profile of this7,6 cm wide chisel provides additional strength against bending or deformation from repeated impacts. Ideal for use in cutting, shaping, trimming, and removing building materials like wood, plaster, and drywall whether during installations or demolitions projects.

NB; stone chisels have a certain hardness. Make sure that the hardness of the material to be worked is not harder than that of the chisel.


  • MULTI-USE – Designed to cut through tongue and groove flooring and flooring hardware fasteners
  • 7,6 CM TIP – 7,6 cm wide tip perfect for prying wide boards and getting more work done with less effort
  • CARBON STEEL – Drop forged from EN9 high carbon steel for lasting strength and durability
  • GRIP GUARD – Large grip guard provides a comfortable handle on chisel and protection against missed strikes
  • HARDENED EDGE – Hardened edge for cleaner, faster cutting with fewer blows and less tip deformation
  • PAINTED SHAFT – Tool shaft features a protective painted finish for increased rust resistance
  • ADDITIONAL USES – General purpose shape is easily adapted to cutting, trimming, and removing wood and drywall