Kraft Tool Adjustable Brick Tong

Strong Steel Construction

  • Strong steel construction
  • Adjusts to carry 6-10 standard bricks
  • Won’t damage bricks
  • Easily adjusts for more bricks with a wingnut
  • Square shoulders on bolt secure the arm
  • Designed for long wear
  • Bright yellow is easy to spot on jobsite
  • Made in the USA

Product Description

This adjustable heavy-duty Brick Tongs are designed and built for long wear. Each end provides a secure hold to bricks without damaging them. When the handle is picked-up the end pushes against the bricks securing them for movement around a job. The bricks are secure by the The steel construction quickly adjusts with a wing nut to carry more bricks. A square neck bolt is used to secure the adjustable arm to without slippage. The tool can carry 6 to 10 bricks. The bright yellow Tongs are easy to spot on the jobsite.