Kraft Tool Aluminium Offset Hawks (Soft Grip)

Soft Grip Proform® Handle

  • High strength lightweight aluminum
  • .060″ (1,524 mm) thick blade
  • Large and off-center to better balance on user’s arm
  • Brushed metal holds material in place
  • Rounded corners won’t catch
  • Flange reinforces blade to keep shape
  • Callus Preventer protects hand during long use
  • Comfortable ProForm® soft grip handle
  • Great grip even when wet
  • Texture ribbing provides a comfortable grip and reduces fatigue
  • Bright orange handle easy to spot on jobsite
  • Made in the USA

Product Description

Large aluminum hawk made of .60” (1,524 mm) thick lightweight aluminum with an off centered handle for easy balancing on the arm while working. The off centered handle allows the user to comfortably rest the blade on the arm while still holding the hawk and applying plaster. The blade has a brushed, unscored finish keeps material stable. The blade measures 510 mm x 405 mm for a large work surface. The straight blade edges have been smoothed and rounded corners for safety, comfort and long service. The rounded edges won’t catch on things and won’t wear away like harsh edges can. The thick sponge rubber hand protector fits snugly beneath the blade to prevent calluses. Kraft Tool’s signature ProForm® soft grip handle provides a comfortable grip. The enhanced texture ribbing of the handle reduces fatigue and provides a great grip even when wet. The bright orange handle is easy to spot on a jobsite even after use.