Kraft Tool Archeology Margin Trowels (Soft Grip)

Soft Grip Proform® Handle

  • Single-piece forged steel creates blade and tang
  • Tempered steel for strength
  • Thicker, beveled blade for the rigors of the excavation site
  • Polished to keep material centered
  • Designed for scraping and digging
  • Precision balanced to minimize wrist fatigue
  • Plenty of knuckle clearance to keep hands out of the way
  • Comfortable ProForm® soft grip handle
  • Great grip even when wet
  • Texture ribbing provides a great grip and reduces fatigue
  • Bright orange handle easy to spot on jobsite
  • Made in the USA

Product Description

This specialty tool is similar to our typical margin trowels. The pointed blade and tang begins as a forged single-piece of uniquely formulated high-grade carbon steel for extra toughness. Forging also assures product consistency. Blades are heat tempered with a special time-tested process to ensure uniform blade hardness. The forged steel blade and shank offer strength and integrity with no internal voids that could form if it was welded. Forged steel will not weaken or crack. Each blade is carefully polished to resist material from sliding. This tool is perfectly balanced with a comfortable weight and flexible blade for extended use. This Archaeology trowel features a thicker, beveled blade ideal for scraping and digging on a dig site. A must have tool for every amateur and professional archaeologist. The handle is placed at the perfect angle to reduce wrist fatigue and provide knuckle clearance. The ProForm® soft grip handle is balanced for ease of use. The enhanced texture on the handle reduces fatigue and provides a great grip even when wet. The signature orange and black handle is easy to find on a jobsite.