Kraft Tool Circle Cutter

Hardened Steel Cutting Blade

  • Hardened steel cutting blade on chrome-plated tool
  • Cuts up to 405 mm in diameter
  • Calibrated steel shaft for sharp, clean cuts
  • Simple turn of the top tightens shaft into place
  • Ribbed top for firm gripping during use
  • English and Metric measurements

Product Description

This strong steel circle cutter will create holes in drywall for lighting, electrical work, pipes and anytime a round hole is needed. The 215 mm long calibrated steel shaft enables sharp, clean cuts up to 405 mm in diameter. A hardened steel cutting blade and center point remain sharp even after many uses. The simple turn of the top moves the shaft in a circle to score/cut the drywall for a clean finish. The top features ribbing to create a firm grip for the user when moving in a cirle. The shaft features measurements in both English and metric for versatility. Measuring increments of 1/4 Inch and millimeters allow for precise circle measurements. The tool is Chrome plated for extended wear.