Kraft Tool Magnesium Wedge-Shape Darby

Extru-Lite™ Magnesium

  • Wedge shaped gives fine smooth finish to plaster
  • Tempered, lightweight Extru-Lite™ Magnesium blade
  • 30% lighter than aluminum
  • Compact down plaster
  • Plane down high spots
  • Square up inside corner angles
  • 120 mm wide surface
  • 915 mm length
  • Made in the USA

Product Description

The Wedge-Shaped Darby gives fine smooth finish to plaster making it the choice of the trade. Made with of tempered Genuine Extru-Lite™ magnesium which is 30% lighter than similar aluminum tools. Quality material won’t rust extending the life and use of tool. Compact down plaster and plane down the high spots on the brown. Use the Darby to square up inside corner angles on plaster applications. Move the darby in long motions across the surface applying even pressure. The blade is properly balanced for ease in use.