Kraft Tool Spike Rollers (Super)

With Frame

  • Durable nylon roller
  • Rolls air bubbles out of epoxy coatings and self-leveling material
  • Each spike measures 12,7 mm long
  • Fitted on a roller frame
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Wide roller allows proper clearance for spikes
  • Wide frame applies even pressure to roller
  • Use with a broom thread handle (GG478), sold separately
  • Roller (GG477 or GG479) is replaceable
  • Use caution with sharp spikes

Product Description

Roll out the air bubbles in epoxy coatings and self-leveling material to leave the perfect finish. The Super Spiked Roller features 12,7 mm long spikes. The durable nylon roller is on long, lightweight aluminum frame designed with clearance of the spikes to avoid contact. The durable two-sided frame applies even pressure across the length of the roller. The frame requires a broom thread handle (GG478), sold separately. The Super Spike Roller (GG477 or GG479) is replaceable.

WARNING: Use caution with Super Spike Rollers.