Kraft Tool Super-Pro® Texture Hopper Gun

Gun & Hopper

  • Use on walls, ceilings, decking, stucco, waterproofing, and fireproofing
  • Gun sprays a variety of textures
  • Metal gun construction for long wear
  • Easy pull full grip bronze trigger for less fatigue
  • Special orifice adjusting nut makes spray selection quick and easy
  • 5 orifice sizes
  • 2 sizes of air tips: 3.175 mm, 2.3825 mm
  • Patented Super-Pro® gun cylinder and shut-off valve
  • Trigger stop on gun helps allows for consistency
  • Large 9,46 liter hopper
  • Hopper angled at 40° for easy spraying
  • Built-in control handle on hopper
  • Use with 6.25 cfm at 20-25 psi compressor for best results, sold separately
  • Operations and Parts List included
  • Made in the USA

Product Description

Ideal for spraying a variety of textures and materials on walls, ceilings, and floors. The large capacity hopper holds 9,46 liter of material. The hopper’s molded handle makes it easy to control while spraying. A built-in 40 degree angle allows user to easily direct spray in different directions, especially ceilings. The orifice plate on the front of the gun rotates to 5 different positions/sizes and determines the amount of material to be sprayed. More material provides a coarser pattern. The unique orifice adjusting nut makes choosing the spray selection quick and easy. Two air tip nozzles are included for different textures. The gun features a full grip bronze trigger for ease, comfort, and less arm fatigue. Remove the orifice plate for quick clean-up. Patented Super-Pro® gun cylinder (U.S. Patent #5,415,351) has fewer individual parts for easy maintenance and clean up. Convenient shut-off valve for use with tank type compressors. Higher airflow from the compressor to the gun will create a finer texture, as the airflow decreases the result will be a coarser, more splattered effect. We recommend testing your pattern on scrap material to determine the ideal settings. Use with a compressor that has 6.25 cfm at 20-25 psi for best results. Operations Manual and Parts List included.