Maun Revolving Punch Pliers

2 mm to 4.8 mm

  • Ideal for making holes in soft materials, especially leather
  • Features six different punch sizes
  • Easily select your punch with the rotating drum
  • Punches held securely in the correct position
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Built to last, with a robust construction and rust-proof finish
  • Made from strong but lightweight carbon steel
  • Powerful spring to position the rotating punch head securely
  • Strong return spring on handle for easy operation
  • Punches hardened for durability
  • Zinc-plated handles with detailing for added grip

Product Description

Used to punch holes in soft materials, including leather, card, canvas, soft plastics and textiles. Ideal for:

  • Professional leather workers for belt hole punching and making other holes.
  • Hobby and craft workers.