Maun Steel Straight Edges

For accuracy and ease of use

  • Mark straight lines with matchless accuracy
  • Quickly check the straightness of your workpiece
  • Stays firmly in place for improved precision when marking or scoring
  • Designed with a bevelled edge for unobstructed vision
  • Thickness ensures safety when using a metal scriber

Product Description

An all-purpose carbon-steel straight edge for marking lines on wallpaper, floor coverings and leather. Manufactured for accuracy and ease of use.

• Surface ground for a smooth, comfortable finish.
• Crafted from high-quality carbon steel.
• Case hardened to HRC 57 for durability.
• Available in a wide range of imperial and metric lengths.
• A single 6 mm-diameter hanging hole for easy storage.
• Packaged in a clear plastic wallet with anti-rust paper.

The perfect straight edge for professionals and serious DIY-ers, ideal for:
• Cutting and hanging wallpaper.
• Cutting and laying vinyl flooring.
• Use in leathercraft, handicraft and other hobbies.

• Made in England.
• Finished to an accuracy of 0.001 inch per foot (0.084 mm per metre) length.
• 3.25 mm thick.
• 53 mm width.

• Accurate: To <0.1 mm per m
• Beautiful: Surface ground steel
• 3 metric sizes: 500 to 1000 mm