Tajima Japan Pull G-Saw Blades Aluminist®

Fluoro Coat

  • Saw Blades for Aluminist and G-Saw.
  • Fluoro-Coat blade coating.
  • Suitable for wood, branches, flakeboard, skirting boards.

Product Description

Due to the unique japanese temered technologie the saw blades are exceptional durable with a high cutting performance.

The impule spot hardening of the blade teeth results in a enhanhancing cutting performance while not reducing the flexibility of the blade. Alterning 4 tall and 4 short teeth pattern ensure a cutting edge sharpness that lasts 3 times longer than normal saw blades. For superior tracking and cutting control the blade is made of extra rigid 0,9 mm steel.

The unique florine-based coating reduces friction and protects against rust and corrosion. The aggressive cut is excellent for flakeboards and good for woods, branches and skirting boards.