Tajima Japan Pull G-Saw Blades


  • Saw Blades for Aluminist and G-Saw
  • Premium-grade
  • 9 TPI tempered blades
  • Suitable for wood, branches, flakeboard, skirting boards
  • Saw blade: 210 mm, 240 mm, 270 mm, 300 mm

Product Description

This saw blade was made with a special japanese tempering method which results in exceptional durability and cutting performance. The impule spot hardening of the blade teeth results in a enhanhancing cutting performance while not reducing the flexibility of the blade.

Alterning 4 tall and 4 short teeth pattern ensure a cutting edge sharpness that lasts 3 times longer than normal saw blades. For superior tracking and cutting control the blade is made of extra rigid 0,9 mm steel. The aggressive cut is excellent for flakeboards and good for woods, branches and skirting boards.