Tajima Measuring Tapes G3-Lock Display

Extra Width and With Strong Magnet

  • Pocket Tape G-LOCK
  • Extra-wide steel measuring tape
  • NylonCoat Coating
  • Magnetic end hooks
  • Easy read scales
  • Tough ABS case

Product Description

Shock resistant measuring tapes with magneticd hooks and cushioned end hook returns, in armored cases.

  • Strong Belt Clips; Premium spring-steel belt clips for dependable performance.
  • Tethering Straps; Strong straps for wrist or to tether on a hook or nail.
  • Top & Bottom Scales; Double-sided tapes provide accurate readability for all applications.
  • Magnetic End Hook; Powerful twin rare-earth magnets generate 2600Gb of magnetic hold.
  • Strong Tape; Extra thick steel generates more stiffness than standard tape measures.
  • Superior Stand-Out; horizontal 2,7 m and vertical 4,0 m.