Tajima Measuring Tapes GS-Lock Display

Extra-thick steel for more stiffness

  • Armored Case
  • Extra-thick steel
  • Safety Rope Tether Mount with Ring
  • Strong Tape & Hook
  • End Hook Guard
  • With Double Metric and Inch Graduation

Product Description

Shock resistant measuring tapes with end hook guard, in armored cases.

  • Armored Case: Shock-resistant armored case protects the housing from impact during inadvertent dropping.
  • Safety Rope Tether Mount With Ring: Prevents dropping or mislaying.
  • Strong Tape & Hook: With a thickness of 1.5 mm, the specially designed Strong Hook has an increased strength of 4.7x more than standard Tajima hooks.
  • End Hook Guard:Thick elastomer case armor extends around the body of the tape measure to protect end hooks and work surfaces.
  • Extra-thick steel: generates more stiffness than 25 mm standard tape measures