Viking Arm® Extender

For a greater lifting range

  • Recommended load up to 50 kg/ 110 lbs
  • Non Slip/Non Scratch Contact Surface
    • Made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
    • Soft to the touch and abrasive resistant protective contact point for all surfaces
  • Construct from PA 30 GF a glass fibre reinforced polyamide
    • Offering greater strength, lighter weight, rigidity, and dimensional stability
  • Couples onto any Viking Arm® Tool
  • 3 levels of extension: 240-450 mm, 315-525 mm, 390-610 mm
  • Dimensions: 234-385 x 92 x 104 mm
  • Weight: 450 gram
  • The telescopic extender is secured with a locking pin
  • Spare locking pin is included

Product Description

In pursuit of Viking Arm’s desire to innovate and service professionals with day to day projects. Viking Arm® is expanding its range of applications with the introduction of the Viking Arm® Extender, allowing for a greater lifting range of up to 610 mm from 225 mm.

The Viking Arm® Extender is the primary tool included in the Viking Arm® Cabinet Installation Kit. It can be bought separately if you don’t need the complete package.

Delivered with a non slip and non abrasive lifting surface that enables users to securely and accurately raise or lower loads up to 50 kg without needing assistance from a second (or third!) person. The Viking Arm® Extender is the perfect addition for quick and efficient installation of wall cabinets whilst working independently. In typical Viking Arm® style, this one man operation provides a safe and efficient solution for lifting and placing heavy awkward objects.

The telescopic Extender provides 3 levels of extension and fits onto any existing Viking Arm® Tool. The Extender offers safe, comfortable and efficient mounting capabilities that can save professionals valuable time (and reduce the risk of a back injury).