Viking Arm® Lifting Pad

Non Slip/Non Scratch Contact Surface

  • Non Slip/Non Scratch Contact Surface:
    • Made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
    • Soft to the touch and abrasive resistant protective contact point for all surfaces
  • Construct from PA 30 GF a glass fibre reinforced polyamide
    • Offering greater strength, lighter weight, rigidity, and dimensional stability
  • Mounting hole for lasers and levels
  • Attaches to any existing version of the Viking Arm® Tool
  • Attachable detachable to the Viking Arm® Extender
  • Dimensions: 94 x 65 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 60 gram

Product Description

The pocket sized Viking Arm ® Lifting Pad is the smallest addition to the Viking Arm ® range of new accessories. Lightweight and compact with tough and versatile functionality that provides great value. Designed and fashioned from real world customer requests and suggestions. The main function of the Lifting Pad is to save surfaces lifting areas from the heavy duty carbon steel Viking Arm ® lifting bars.

The Lifting Pad has a non slip, non abrasive and soft to touch lifting surface. It ‘slide snaps’ with ease onto the top lifting bars and is designed to provide maximum protection to materials, edges and lifting areas. Accompanied with added grip technology to allow for safe and secure installation of glass panels, finished timber, shower doors, ceramics, enamels, tiles, drywall, furniture, etc.

Generally implemented in combination with the Viking Arm® Base Pad, the Lifting Pad only adds to the Viking Arm’s characteristic level of performance and precision.

Sold separately or as an integral part of the Viking Arm ® Cabinet Installation Kit.