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At the end of the 1970’s Mr. Veltman started a trading company for quality tools. He had a lot of experience in the field regarding hand tools and also traveled to many countries which gave him a lot of connections. With these connections and his knowledge, he set up the company ‘Veltman’. At first he started selling quality tools from Engeland with among others Thor and Maun, which are currently still in our range of tools. The company was first located in Vught, The Netherlands. Soon the company grew, moved to a new location in Boxtel and expended their range. Gardening tools from Lasher were adopted as well as some cutting tools. In the following years a sister company was started in Germany, Fivel GmbH. Until now this company is still active in the German market. Around 1987 Veltman started importing his first American brand, Estwing. A decade later the American brands Midwest en Marshalltown were also added to the range of products.

Around the year 2000 Mr. Veltman sold his company and the name Fivel BV was launched for the European market. Fivel went further where Mr. Veltman left. A couple of brands were being phased out and some new brands were introduced. But the focus maintained the same; the quality of the products for the professional and high-end users. Between 2000 and now among others Kraft Tool, EDMA and Swanson were added as brands.

Still, to this day, Fivel is always looking for other brands that suit their philosophy to add to their portfolio. In the year 2020 the latest brand has been adopted; Tajima tools from Japan. With over a dozen of brands Fivel is still going strong and determined to grow even further.

Fivel is a distributor who is proud to work together with some of the best manufacturers in the world for many decades already.


The tools that Fivel is representing are sold through a widely orientated dealer network. This network is mainly build on a long-time relationship with most of them. We provide our brands through Europe.

Specialist and innovation

Fivel declares itself as a specialist on the highest standard of hand tools. We work together with the best manufacturers in the world. All tools are produced with the highest quality of material and craftmanship. We have a wide range of products and are always looking for adapting more brands for the professional.

Most of our products stand out because of their quality and innovations. All our manufacturers work hard to keep the quality on the utmost level of their best. A lot of our products have unique features because of the way they are produced.

Fast delivery, perfect service and flexibility

We now have over 10.000 items in our range. In our warehouse in The Netherlands, most of these items are kept in stock and can be send out immediately. Orders which are in stock and send in before 15:30 hour have the possibility to be send out the same day. This is for shipments throughout whole Europe. We are easy to reach by phone and e-mail. Our aim is to answer all questions within one business day. Fivel has a flexible team that thinks along with you and always tries to help you out.

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