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Since 1923, the Estwing family and its employees have taken pride in designing and manufacturing the world’s most durable, comfortable and attractive striking and struck tools. All claw hammers, axes, specialty tools and pry bars are manufactured to the highest possible standards and offer a true value to both tradesmen and craftsmen alike.

In 2001 Estwing introduced the new shock reduction grip that provides our customers with the best available grip for reducing vibrations caused by impact.  Plus, this grip offers the utmost in both comfort and durability. This Estwing patented innovation is sure to be the standard for ergonomically correct hammers for decades to come. All of their nylon vinyl grip tools are now being made with this new material.

Estwing continues to innovate and produce new handtools. Their engineers work continually to create the most revolutionary and long lasting hand tools on the market. Estwing is committed to American made tools for today and tomorrow.

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Thor can trace its roots back to 1910 when The Birmingham Belting Co Ltd was founded in Snow Hill, Birmingham, by the Stephens family.

Birmingham Belting manufactured flexible drive belts for the Cotton Mills and other industrial applications that were thriving around this time. They also however had a small section within the company manufacturing Rawhide Hammers and Mallets.

Some 13 years later due to growth it was decided set up a separate company and Thor Hammer Company Limited was incorporated specifically for the production of hammers and mallets.

The company was named after the ancient Norse God of Thunder who owned the most miraculous of hammers, Mjӧlnir, a throwing hammer, which always sped directly to its mark, slew the giant then rebounded straight back to Thor’s hand.

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Midwest Tool and Cutlery Company (Midwest) began manufacturing metal cutting snips and related hand tools in Sturgis, Michigan in 1945. Today, Midwest is a privately held Michigan corporation that operates manufacturing facilities in Sturgis, MI; Kalkaska, MI; and Caledonia, OH.

In the beginning, Midwest operated as the highest quality private label manufacturer of edge hand tools for many leading professional quality brands. Today, the company’s Midwest Snips® national brand has become a leading tradesman brand both domestically and in many regions globally. All models of the company’s Midwest Snips aviation and tinner snips are manufactured by Midwest in its USA facilities.

As a leading innovator and manufacturer of metal cutting snips and specialty hand tools, Midwest has developed and owns numerous product design and utility patents that enhance Midwest product performance.

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Founded in 1909 as a manufacturer of steel and woven measuring tapes, TJM Design Corporation now produces over 1,000 premium-grade hand tools under the Tajima brand.

A multinational organization with global production facilities, TJM Design Corporation continues its commitment to excellence in the design, selection of materials, production and quality control processes that govern the manufacture of its tools. And all TJM Design Corporation staff are dedicated to ensuring that the function, quality, shape and design of Tajima tools fulfills the desires and expectations of the end user.

As a result, Tajima brand tools are recognized worldwide as offering exceptional feature and function at a high level of quality rarely seen in today’s industry.

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Kraft Tool

Ron Meyer and Si Kraft established the Kraft Tool Co.® in 1981. Forty years later Kraft Tool Co.® continues to maintain high standards of manufacturing only quality products made in the USA. As a trusted name in the hand tool industry, Kraft Tool is proud of the “Hand Krafted” workmanship attributed to every product. Our goal is simple: Maintain quality, provide good service and offer new innovative products.

Kraft Tool’s product line is manufactured for the Professional Craftsman. Our tools are created for everyday use by the professional cement finisher, brick mason, asphalt paver, tile setter, plasterer, or drywall craftsman.

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Since 1937, EDMA company has been manufacturing hand tools for professional constructors.

EDMA products’ range is dedicated for 7 different construction professions:

  • Tiler
  • Drywaller
  • Mason
  • Facade installer
  • Roofer
  • Floor installer
  • Landscaper

The company strategy is to develop innovative tools providing time saving and effort saving solutions to professional contractors.

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Maun Industries was founded on 1st January 1944 by members of the Rippon family. Named after the nearby River Maun and led by skilled engineers, the company set about developing and manufacturing its range of innovative hand tools.

For six decades, Maun operated from Moor Lane, Mansfield. In 2004, the business relocated to new, purpose-built premises in nearby Sutton in Ashfield. The Rippon policy was to manufacture all tools in-house and sell worldwide, a philosophy that we proudly continue.

Maun’s quality management system is certified to ISO 9001 and has been for thirty years. Their pliers conform to BS 3087-7:1996, ISO 5747:1995, standards that they were instrumental in defining.

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Since its foundation in 1827 the CIMCO Werkzeugfabrik is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors for the traditional tradesperson.

Now managed by the sixth generation, the company has always remained true to its philosophy of making tools which meet the highest possible requirements of professionals. This requires the use of the best possible materials, professional workmanship and quality control as well as the continuous adjustment to individual customer needs and new technological challenges. This has allowed the company to successfully develop from a once regionally active plier factory to an internationally recognised manufacturer and distributor of high quality manual tools.

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Carltsø Safety Tools®

Since 1956 Carltsø Safety Tools® is known as the most reliable brand in non-sparking, non-magnetic, corrosion resistant hand tools. Trusted by companies in the oil and gas sector around the world and all industries where safety tools are required.

Carltsø Safety Tools® Company is ISO 9001 certified strict quality control processes are in place to ensure our tools meet high quality Standards. Moreover every tool is checked and tested before leaving the factory.

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The titanium tools on our website set the standard for advanced technology since 1984 as it comes from the first provider of titanium tools. Since then, they continually strive to raise the bar through innovative manufacturing techniques, providing comprehensive selections for every application, and achieving the highest level of quality. Using only the finest tool grade of titanium available-6AL-4V, otherwise known as Grade 5, they supply tools to service the aerospace, bio-medical, diagnostic imaging industries as well as many others.

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Albert J. Swanson invented the A Speed Square in 1925 as a carpenter’s layout tool. He later founded Swanson Tool Company to produce it. Today, Swanson Tool Company still manufactures and distributes the Speed Square and other carpentry tools from its headquarters in Frankfort, Illinois.

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Fivel (as brand)

Because of a great demand of quality hammers with fiberglass handles Fivel has started to put these hammers together. With the highest quality of fiberglass and their own production process these hammers are now known as one of the strongest in the market.

Next to this unique process of production we sometimes also introduce products with our own brand. Mostly new and innovative products are adopted and brought to the market. But the main focus of Fivel is to distribute high quality brands to the European market.

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Viking Arm

Founded on a passion for craftsmanship and precision tools, Viking Arm AS company was established in Norway by Øivind Resch and Terje Scheen in 2018. Both Øivind and Terje have long and successful track records as innovators and entrepreneurs.

“If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right”, says a Norwegian proverb. They took this to heart when developing the VIKING ARM®.

Every single detail in the manufacturing process, from the stainless steel parts, aluminum body to the springs that control the levers, has been tested and verified. And then tested and verified again.

The VIKING ARM® tool is the first of a planned product range of precision hand tools, all built with their ingenious combination of innovation and high build quality.

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